Activities of Trust

  1. BHAGINI NIVEDITA UTKARSH MANDAL is a registered trust for social welfare activities. Since 1996, trust runs Ashram (Orphanage) for poor and orphan girls. Since 1998 the trust started activities in respect of Balwadi (Nurseries) for children.
  2. The trust organizes Chhand Vargas in May and Diwali vacation for women particularly young girls in the age group of 15-25 years. Topics like first aid, Yoga, Karate, Painting,
  3. Rangolis etc. are taught in Chhand Varga. Trust also organizes cultural activities from time to time like Vande Mataram singing competition, Pasayadan singing competition.
  4. Trust organises social awareness campaign to fight against diseases and illiteracy. We also provide counseling and legal advice to women. We also organize medical camps for women and children. Needy women are given training to become self-sufficient and earn on their own.
  5. Activities of the trust are well accepted by the society and it is getting increasing patronage and donations. There is tremendous need to expand activities in view of utter poverty and necessity to inculcate values. The trust operates on generous donations made by society.

The information about two major projects of the trust is appended.

Tulsi Prakalp, Angaon

Every child has a dream, and feels that the dreams would be supported by the parents. It’s very heartrending phase for a child to realize, that all his/her dreams have come to a drastic end, due to demise of the parents.

Since 1996, trust runs Ashram (Orphanage) for poor and orphan girls. The trust obtained about 17000 sq. feet of land for Ashram and a suitable building was constructed in 2003. The current place can accommodate about 30 children. The food, stay, clothing, education, health is taken care of by the ashram. Ashram is duly recognised by Govt. of Maharashtra but it does not take any grant from the Government. It is open to poor girl child irrespective of caste and creed.

We try to support such children by giving personal care to the inmates from ashram. We seek to provide formal education with overall personality development. We provide vocational skills with education. Inmates practice Suryanamaskar, Yoga on daily basis. We attempt to make the inmates stand on their own feet and become good citizens and be sensitive to their duties towards the society. The informal education helps to inculcate Bharatiya values, in imbibing attitude to encounter the different facets of life and be ready for tomorrow.

Emotional bonding helps to create the homely atmosphere, which builds an extended family where all the children live together. The acquaintance with the peer group gives them the comfort zone, where they can express their views and feelings. We seek to develop commitment to society and nation.

Following activities are taken care by the ashram:

  • Studies – curricular and extra- curricular
  • Medical check up
  • Technical skill development like Stitching class
  • Planning for career and future like higher studies and to get married in a good family.
  • Inculcating social and family values

Balwadi Prakalp, Thane, Jawahar and Mokhada

Education of a person starts at Balwadi at the age of 3-4 years. Informal education at Balwadi acts as base for the children to grow and develop liking for education. The students in poor and disadvantaged localities often do not get favourable atmosphere in family and surrounding. Balwadi provides them basic discipline, Bharatiya sanskar and elementary education. The education happens through simple games and songs. On an average 25 children attend each nursery. Balwadis are provided with trained teachers, game kit and khau. We operate Balwadis in sevavasti (poor localities) in Thane city and also in Vanvasi (tribal) areas like Jawahar and Mokhada. Currently we have 18 balwadis in Thane city and 225 in vanavasi areas.